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Client Testimonials
Our firm's success starts with our relationship with our clients and their families. Our compassionate, knowledgeable attorneys seamlessly guide our clients through each step of the litigation and work hard for the proper settlement. With the sensitive nature of many of our clients' illnesses, we respect and protect their privacy first and foremost before, during and after the trial. Our results, however, are a matter of record and speak for themselves.

Words cannot fully convey the gratitude I feel or the efforts and personal attention you, and your staff, have extended on my behalf.
When following my husband's death it was suggested that I contact you, and you took the case, I was hopeful. However, I was unprepared for the diligence and magnitude of your efforts with resulting benefits to me and my family. By easing my burdens and lessening worries, as well as improving my quality of life, I know my husband would be pleased that I pursued the suggestion and be grateful to you. It is evident the success of your firm is derived from not just serving your clients, but in assisting them with compassion.
At a time when grief and despair can cloud thinking and one who reaches out to is of utmost importance, you and your staff earned my trust as well as my sincere appreciation.

Both my husband and I had a good feeling about you from the first time we met you. We were impressed with how promptly you agreed to see us and how compassionately you listened to our concerns. My husband and I immediately knew that not only had we retained a lawyer, we had found a new friend.
I think your strongest talent as a lawyer is your compassionate nature. My husband had such great faith in your ability that he told me that I shouldn't worry about anything after he was gone. He was able to accept his fate more easily because he knew that you and your staff would be my advocates!
He would have been so pleased with the outcome of the settlement. Because of the diligent work that you and your staff did, the kids and I were able to continue with our lives, missing him greatly, but financially secure.

It was truly a pleasure to have you guide us through all the legal issues regarding Pam's illness. It is comforting to know that both my and Pam's initial impression of you, when you sat at our kitchen table that March afternoon, turned out to be all we had hoped and more. Both your diligence and compassion at such a horrible time in our lives has more than earned my respect and prayers. I recommend you and your staff without reservation to anyone dealing with that dreaded disease.
The ultimate settlement you worked to provide has helped the kids and I tremendously during our grieving period. To say thank you seems trite with what you have accomplished.

I'm still numb from the news! I don't believe all the research and preparation that went into getting ready for trial- you all are awesome! My husband would have said you had "all your ducks in a row and went to work with plenty of bullets".
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was a trying experience with a very positive outcome and I'm glad it's over! My husband is smiling on all of this and so are we!

This note, to tell you what a great gentleman you are, is long overdue. Your kindness, compassion and hard work have not gone unnoticed. My husband's last year was easier because of you and his dying made easier knowing that he left a fine legacy for his family. His "personal" legacy was impressive, and because of you, he was able to leave a trust. I will never be able to thank you enough or tell you how much all of your efforts and caring are appreciated.
My best regards to you and your family.

I can't say enough good things about Attorney Coady and what he did for our family. An acquaintance recommended that we contact him after my husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Mr. Coady took a personal interest in this case- he treated us as if we were family- and worked tirelessly and aggressively to obtain settlements which made the most sense for us. This included settling some claims earlier so that my husband could receive some tangible benefits while he was still alive. I have no doubt that it was because of Mr. Coady's efforts and expertise that my husband was able to receive the number and size of the settlements that he did.
I would recommend Attorney Coady's services wholeheartedly and without hesitation.

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