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Practices and Principles
"Coady Law: Where We Raise The Bar"
Coady Law is a different kind of law firm, one that measures success by the value we provide to our clients. Our clients appreciate the quality of our attorneys, the cumulative decades of experience we have in fighting mesothelioma cases and the dedication our lawyers and staff give to each case. These qualities have earned our firm its reputation as one of the country's leading mesothelioma disease law firms.
We are proud of our past and our uncompromising service to our clients. As attorneys, we are guided by the highest standards of legal excellence, professionalism, and service. We continue to do our utmost to serve individuals and US veterans across the country following their diagnosis of mesothelioma and, indeed, during the fight of their lives.
The Coady Experience
At Coady Law, our size is our best asset. We offer all the advantages of larger practices while maintaining the intimacy and personal services of what we are: a specialized, boutique law firm. Handling only the most serious of injury cases, we provide the responsive and personal attention our clients expect and deserve. We give the close attention and care to our clients that are rightly associated with smaller firms. Our continued success is a direct product of our deep commitment to our clients and their families.
We deploy the strongest possible team of representation wherever needed for cases across the country. Importantly though, we do so while maintaining the level of personal attention that ensures our clients remain as involved as they wish in the process. We diligently work to protect our clients' rights while navigating them through the legal complexities of their case. Our lawyers represent our clients with dignity and compassion throughout their legal process and continue to be a resource long after a resolution has been reached.
The Coady Law Veteran's Difference
Unlike other mesothelioma lawyers, several of our attorneys and staff members are veterans who share the same standards as many of our clients. As seasoned attorneys, we have successfully represented veterans and their families in mesothelioma claims nationwide for several decades and have secured hundreds of millions in just compensation. Our significant track record confirms our ability to marshal every available resource needed to achieve optimal results for our clients before, during and after their trial evolution. When experience, training and resolve matter, rely on fellow veterans. We will support you throughout and remain determined to always fight for what's right for you.
The Coady Law Success Formula
The Coady Law Firm's success is a product of our approach to resolve each case as a separate and distinct piece of litigation. Though successful, we remain well-grounded and always mindful of our need to deliver exceptional legal advice and client services. Your bottom line recovery is our primary concern.
In truth, some big volume mesothelioma firms can tend to be like large cars: spacious and comfortable, but not particularly maneuverable. The downside in having your case herded together with large numbers of their other mesothelioma cases can be significant. Some law firms with a mesothelioma case inventory tend to reach "administrative settlements" arrangements. Though informal in some instances, these arrangements can exist and enable larger firms to quickly settle sometimes 25, 50 or even more mesothelioma case claims against, for example, Defendant A, in one transaction. Such measures allow certain firms to settle large numbers of claims (including your claim!) virtually in bulk fashion. Such practice can help reduce case workloads, cover multiple locations' office rents, maintain profit margins for large numbers of partners, and so forth.
That arrangement does not necessarily advantage you. We are leaner and harder and maximize the value of each case individually. We will ensure delivery of the value that each and every client deserves. We are accountable to our clients, as well as passionate and innovative about getting their best individual result. In doing this, we use our experience and insight to help our clients anticipate and capture early settlement opportunities when available, as well as to forecast, manage and overcome obstacles. Personal commitment, efficiency and effectiveness are our highest priorities to our clients.
Clients who choose Coady Law Firm work with top quality lawyers who get the best possible results. Unlike large firms, we are always nimble. We anticipate obstacles, seize opportunities and exploit them to maximize recoveries. We are passionate about our client's rights. With determination and experience, our seasoned attorneys will litigate, negotiate and bring incomparable talent and creativity to every aspect of the case. We know how to get the deals done right and the case resolved.

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